Plans for the next few weeks

Click the image to Register your project
Click the image to Register your project

See below the plan for the next few weeks before our final event of the year, the Coolest Projects in Dublin on Saturday 13 June 2013.

Remember the 10 May 2015 deadline is just to Register your project idea, you can still work on your project right up until Saturday 13th June as judging will take place on the day.  You must be available to present your project in the RDS on the day.

There is a limit of 500 projects so Register Now.

9 May 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
10 May 2015 Deadline for Registration for Coolest Projects Awards
23 May 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
6 June 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
13 June 2015 Coolest Projects, Awards, RDS, Dublin

IBM-er bringing Bluemix to Monaghan CoderDojo on 24th January

At our next Coder Dojo meeting on the 24th January IBMer Zoryana Tischenko, a Software Engineer (and Coder Dojo Mentor) based at the IBM Technology Campus in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 will introduce, the Ninjas to Bluemix. 

Bluemix ( is an incredible tool. It takes away the barriers of not having appropriate infrastructure for all the latest Tech (including Internet of Things, Big Data, Watson and many more). Your Ninjas have access to this now. Imagine where it will bring them to? What will they create? What kind of opportunities they will unfold?

I can’t stress you enough how powerful the knowledge of Bluemix will be for the Ninjas. The opportunities are limitless – Zoryana Tischenko, Software Engineer (and CoderDojo Mentor), IBM

Whatever the Ninjas create using Bluemix – they deploy it live right away! they have a link to their app that they can share with anyone to show their app – and you know that they love to show their work to friends and family! no need for domains or hosting, it is all in Bluemix and deployment is easy, once you know how! Ninjas will hack away with Bluemix, together with help from an IBMer they will use the simple Node.js activity to create a very simple web page. They do not need to know Node.js – it is an introduction  activity (they will know some Node.js after the activity!). This activity will be suitable to Nijas who had tried HTML already, or spent a good while on Scratch and now wants to get into raw coding.

Here is a list of links, about this initiative:

This week we have guest speaker, Jonathan White, a Computer Animation Guru from Carrickmacross (by the way he’s 16 years old)

This week at CoderDojo we will have a guest speaker, Jonathan White, a 16 year old coder from Carrickmacross.

Jonathan won a County Enterprise award last year for an Android game he developed.

You can see some examples of his work here on his site at

Jonathan will give a talk at 2pm for roughly 20 minutes followed by a Q&A session.

Latest Minecraft Server information – August Update!

A lot of Coders have been asking for this so here we go, WE HAVE A NEW MINECRAFT SERVER! You will find all the information about it here. It is still in testing but you are welcome to join and try and break it! Please comment and let us know how you get on!

**Check this page often, any information about the server will be posted here!**

We have a new version of the modpack, with some mods added and some removed. If it’s your first time downloading the modpack, you can follow the instructions below. Otherwise, you’ll need to delete the folder with the old modpack in it, and then you can follow the instructions below again.

Due to popular demand we again have an online Minecraft* server! Again we are using a modpack** along with loads of plugins*** in order to keep order on the server. The modpack is not like we had before (The Feed the Beast Lite pack, Tekkit pack****) but a completely custom made pack made by one of the gaming class! It contains many cool and important mods such as ComputerCraft for computers in game, BuildCraft so we can have quarries and machines that do amazing stuff, BiblioCraft so we have a lot of furniture, and a whole lot more! You will need to purchase a minecraft premium account in order to play on the server.

*Minecraft: Minecraft is a game in which you both mine materials, and then craft them. You can also build things. It’s like Lego!
**modpack: A modpack (In relation to Minecraft) is a collection of separate modifications for the game. Minecraft modifications add new features to the game, such as ComputerCraft which allows us to both use and program computers!
***plugins: Plugins are portions of code that only run on the server. They allow us to decide who can build in certain areas, remove bad players and loads of other cool things.
****Feed the Beast Lite|Tekkit: These were the modpacks that we used to run.

The pack we have we are calling the The Coder Pack (This is not to be confused with the Minecraft Coder Pack, which is the tools you actually use to modify Minecraft). Below are instructions to get your game up and running, and then connect to our server!


Playing a modified version of Minecraft usually does require a pretty good computer. If you are playing on an older computer you might have a bit of trouble, but give it a shot.


  1. Download the ATLauncher here. Click Windows at the bottom if you are running Windows on your computer.
    Once you do that you need to put the ATLauncher file into an empty folder, like this:
    When that’s done open the file, and it’ll create the folders you’ll need for you:
  2. Download the pack, available here.
  3. Extract the zip file into the “Instances” folder that the AC Launcher created:
  4. In the AT Launcher, on the instances tab now should be The Coder Pack. If it does not show up, click on the account tab and log into your minecraft account.
  5. Hit play and it should start!

From there minecraft will start running. Because this is modified minecraft it could take a few minutes to start up. Once it does you can play it in single player to get used to it, and once you are you can connect to the server.


The server is at To connect to this easily click the add a server button, call it the Monaghan Coderdojo Server, and put that IP address in as the address. Hit connect and you should then be logged in, have fun!
Server Stats


The server is running using minecraft hosting service. Because we are running a special modpack it did take quite a bit more configuration to get it running than a normal server needs!
We are using Forge as a base to run the server. Forge is a program that allows us to both run minecraft modifications. Unlike before when we used MCPC+ we could use both forge and bukkit mods and plugins, now we just use forge instead. This means the server will be a lot more stable than it was before! We would appreciate it very much if you would let us know if you encounter a bug. You can leave a comment below and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

Monaghan Coder Dojo – On TOUR!

Hi Folks,

We have booked a bus to take us to the event this weekend.  This is a chance to meet kids and mentors from other Coder Dojos from all over Ireland and see what they’re up to.
The coach, (Rices), will be leaving from McNally’s car park (across the road from Tescos) at 9.30am on Saturday and leaving Dublin at 4.00pm to be back in Monagahn at 6.00pm.
The tickets for Coolest Projects are free and the bus has been sponsored too, all you need to bring is a pack lunch.
PLEASE NOTE that children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent.
If you are interested in going could you please email me back so I can have a place reserved for you.

Coolest Projects Awards 2014 at Dublin City University

CoderDojo in conjunction with the Hello World Foundation and supporters Intel and UPC are delighted to announce the third annual CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards will be taking place on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of June at the Helix, Dublin City University (DCU). This event aims to encourage, celebrate and showcase creativity among members of the CoderDojo community.

7th June 2014

The Helix, DCU

CoderDojo in conjunction with the Hello World Foundation and supporters Intel and UPC are delighted to announce the third annual CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards will be taking place on the weekend of the 7th and 8th of June at the Helix, Dublin City University (DCU). This event aims to encourage, celebrate and showcase creativity among members of the CoderDojo community.

Inspired by Creativity

This event will give young coders from the CoderDojo Community the opportunity to showcase their projects. This event is all about the members and is a celebration of what they have achieved and created in their local Dojo.  Last year ten year old Ryan Sheridan, of DCU CoderDojo won in the ‘website’ category by using the HTML and CSS knowledge he learned at CoderDojo to create his site “Skate Parks in Dublin” which shows details and photos of various skate parks. This is the creativity that the Coolest Projects is all about encouraging.

This year with the support of Liberty Global / UPC the reach of the event has expanded to include projects from European Dojos. We are excited to see members from Dojos across Ireland and Europe come together to showcase their Coolest Projects.

Rewarding skill

Intel a long time supporter of the Coolest Projects Awards are coming on board to provide all prizes again for the 2014 Awards. Every level of technical skill is welcome and rewarded and projects across seven categories are invited; Scratch, Websites, Apps, HTML games, Advanced Languages, Enterprise and Other. Projects will be ranked for not only the complexity and usability of the project but also using a ‘cool’ factor assessment criteria, similar to the one rule of CoderDojo: “be cool!”.

In addition to inspirational talks by industry leaders, the event will include workshops in how to build your own apps and more. Follow the Coolest Projects on twitter @coolestprojects for more updates on the event.