Meet the Mentors

We currently have 8 mentors volunteering at the Monaghan CoderDojo, they are:

  • Gerry
  • Robbie
  • Daniel
  • Kae
  • Gordon
  • Paul
  • Sean
  • Joe

…starsign, shoesize, favourite colour coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Meet the Mentors”

  1. Kae here. Short biography: I started coding on the Commodore Vic 20 waaaaaay back in the 80s in a language called BASIC. I was still using BASIC years later when I entered the first IOI competition in 1994. Since then I’ve coded professionally in Bash, C, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP. I’ve written two books on PHP and JavaScript. Currently, I own KV Sites, where I develop web and mobile applications, as well as websites.

    Star-signs are silly, but I do love apple-and-cinnamon tea.

    My goal in this venture is to try help build a community of young programmers who understand what the Web is all about, and how to work with it.

  2. My first close encounter with a computer was at secondary school when my maths teacher found herself with a Research Machines 380Z sitting in the corner of the room. Our class was split into pairs and each pair got half an hour a week to write some BASIC programmes.

    It might look archaic but prior to its arrival the CSE (Certificate in Secondary Education, kinda like Intermediate Cert) in Computer Science class had to write their programmes onto squared-grid paper and post them to the local Technical College where some poor buddy would type them in line-by-line, run the programme and post (yes, with a stamp and everything) back the results.

    In my early teens Santa brought me a Sinclair ZX81 (in the 80’s the letters Z or X were uber-cool). It came with 1MB of RAM and the following year I got the “wobbly” 32MB expansion pack. Copying games from magazines using the torturous membrane keyboard and trying a few of my own – I was hooked!

    Eventually I went on to do a degree in Computer Science at Queen’s and have had the privilege of working in a huge variety of sectors including computer graphics, financial markets, medical research, and manufacturing. That is possible because Information Technology and good Information Technology skills are needed for practically every industry in the 21st century.

    I drink way more coffee than is completely necessary and have recently taken up cycling – I can personally vouch that Monaghan really is hilly!

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