About CoderDojo

CoderDojo is a global collaboration providing free and open learning to young people, especially in programming technology.

Co-Founded by Bill Liao and James Whelton the free CoderDojo movement aims to assist young people to learn how to be creators not just consumers of technology.

Whats behind the name CoderDojo?

As Bill Liao said at DojoCon2013 “..it could just as easily have been called the ‘Really Cool Saturday Computer Coding Club” but that wouldn’t have the same ring to it..”

Want to help out the organisation?

CoderDojos are constantly looking for partners and people to support them, as they grow.

Contact CoderDojo to find out more and get involved!


2 thoughts on “About CoderDojo”

    1. Hi Claudine,
      We’re back on Saturday 10th September at 12pm in St. Macartan’s College.
      We cater for ages 7-17 but if they are under 12 an adult should stay with them. There is no cost.
      Come along and sign up on the day.

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