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Welcome to Monaghan CoderDojo.

Starting in September 2013 sessions will take place every OTHER Saturday during term time in St. Macartans College, Monaghan Town from 12pm to 3pm.

Bring a packed lunch and remember children under 12 MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Mentors donate their time, free of charge, so that we may provide this opportunity to kids.  Mentors who attend the CoderDojo support project goals, answer questions, share their knowledge, and help with problem-solving.

Parents are a key part of the Dojo.  Some like to co-program/learn with their kids, others help their kids with set-up and/or typing, or become mentors themselves!

Parents are responsible for supervising their own kids needs and equipment, so the Mentors can focus on project goals.  Plus your kids will really enjoy showing you what they’ve created!

Monaghan CoderDojo has been kindly supported by the Monaghan County Enterprise Board.


3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I am a coder dojo mentor for Coder Dojo Nolensville. The kids love minecraft. Are you using ComputerCraft or something else to teach the kids programming using minecraft?

    1. I’m using ComputerCraft to as Kae said to attempt to teach some programming fundamentals. The plan was to get the kids to understand how to tie what they learned in Scratch to a simple programming language, and it does work! Unfortunately most kids just enjoy playing minecraft, so it’s very difficult to get them to focus on the task at hand.

      We have a Feed-The-Beast Lite server that allows the kids to program and play minecraft at the same time. ComputerCraft is one of the mods included in the modpack, so that makes it easier to install. I also showed the LOVE Lua framework, which allows you to make projects similar to Scratch but instead of dragging and dropping code it must all be hand coded!

      What I usually do is give them a resource from which they can copy code, or run through a Lua program on a projector explaining what the code does. I have a few posts on this site with a few Lua resources, here and here.

  2. I’ll leave it to Robbie to answer that, as I teach the webdev class myself, but I think he was saying that he teaches Lua at the moment.

    Although to be honest, it’s more like he /thinks/ he’s teaching Lua 😉 I was up in his room today to poach a few students for my own class but only a few of them were actively programming – the rest were playing!

    I wonder can we get CoderDojo-branded whips?

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