Autumn 2016

We’re back on the 10 September 2016.

We’re back on Saturday 10th September 2016 at 12pm for 8 Dojos in the run up to Christmas.

Essentially every 2 weeks but here are the dates…

10 September 2016
24 September 2016
8 October 2016
22 October 2016
5 November 2016
19 November 2016
3 December 2016
17 December 2016

Annual Report 2015

See the report

We are delighted to present the CoderDojo Annual Report for 2015. In 2015 we undertook many large projects such as the redevelopment of Zen, the re-imagination and expansion of CoderDojo Sushi series and the CoderDojo Child Protection Project for Ireland. In the Annual Report we are happy to report on a successful first year into our CoderDojo strategy which covers 2015 and 2016.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, supporters and Ninjas who help us achieve all of this success. We can’t wait to achieve and deliver more success alongside you in future years!

by Rosa Langhammer

The CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2016 Award Winners

by Nuala McHale

Well done to all the CoderDojo ninjas who participated in The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards on Saturday!

We know you all worked hard to develop your ideas and create your projects for the Awards. You were all great presenting your projects to both the judges and public alike, so well done!

Below we have the list of winners and runners up in each category. You can see photos of those who were awarded prizes here. We will be adding more photos covering all aspects of the event throughout the week.

Sponsored Awards:

Mobile/App Category:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 09.37.08

Games Category:

Hardware Category:


Evolution Category:

Websites Category:

Scratch Category:

Well done again to all involved! It was wonderful to see the work ninjas are doing in their Dojos both in Ireland and in Dojos around Europe. We hope you were inspired by the projects on show and look forward to seeing what you will all create for Coolest Projects 2017!

Plans for the next few weeks

Click the image to Register your project
Click the image to Register your project

See below the plan for the next few weeks before our final event of the year, the Coolest Projects in Dublin on Saturday 13 June 2013.

Remember the 10 May 2015 deadline is just to Register your project idea, you can still work on your project right up until Saturday 13th June as judging will take place on the day.  You must be available to present your project in the RDS on the day.

There is a limit of 500 projects so Register Now.

9 May 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
10 May 2015 Deadline for Registration for Coolest Projects Awards
23 May 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
6 June 2015 CoderDojo, St. Macartan’s
13 June 2015 Coolest Projects, Awards, RDS, Dublin

IBM-er bringing Bluemix to Monaghan CoderDojo on 24th January

At our next Coder Dojo meeting on the 24th January IBMer Zoryana Tischenko, a Software Engineer (and Coder Dojo Mentor) based at the IBM Technology Campus in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 will introduce, the Ninjas to Bluemix. 

Bluemix ( is an incredible tool. It takes away the barriers of not having appropriate infrastructure for all the latest Tech (including Internet of Things, Big Data, Watson and many more). Your Ninjas have access to this now. Imagine where it will bring them to? What will they create? What kind of opportunities they will unfold?

I can’t stress you enough how powerful the knowledge of Bluemix will be for the Ninjas. The opportunities are limitless – Zoryana Tischenko, Software Engineer (and CoderDojo Mentor), IBM

Whatever the Ninjas create using Bluemix – they deploy it live right away! they have a link to their app that they can share with anyone to show their app – and you know that they love to show their work to friends and family! no need for domains or hosting, it is all in Bluemix and deployment is easy, once you know how! Ninjas will hack away with Bluemix, together with help from an IBMer they will use the simple Node.js activity to create a very simple web page. They do not need to know Node.js – it is an introduction  activity (they will know some Node.js after the activity!). This activity will be suitable to Nijas who had tried HTML already, or spent a good while on Scratch and now wants to get into raw coding.

Here is a list of links, about this initiative: